It is fairly easy to slip out of shape and get drawn in to an unhealthy lifestyle in this modern day and age due to how busy and fast paced life has become. If we were to analyze the lifestyle of the modern working adult, we are likely to notice that they spend a lot of their time either in their office, or travelling to and from office. 
Making time for exercise
The average working adult survives on a quick snack or a burger from McDonalds or Kentucky fried chicken which they grab on the way to work or while travelling between meetings. It is seen that alarmingly, the average young adult gets little to no exercise causing them to be at high risk of serious illness if not now, in the future. It is important that you, as a young working adult take some time off, buy yourself a pair of Nike runners online and go out for a jog at least every two to three days.
In addition to exercising, you also need to be very conscious of your diet. There is a false belief that eating healthy equals having to spend hours in the kitchen preparing your meal. However, there are many amazing meals that you can create in under five minutes. When you are purchasing your new pair of Nike runners online you may want to purchase a healthy raw vegan cookbook as well that will give you many recipes that you can use. You will need to maintain a proper balance between your exercise schedule and your diet in order to live a healthy life and minimize your chances of illness.
The cost of living has risen to an extent that most young adults are forced to work long hours nonstop without a break in order to maintain a relatively comfortable lifestyle. In fact, medical costs too have risen to such high degrees that most adults are afraid to take a break from work or give themselves some time off in case they or their family was to unfortunately fall prey to an illness that would require hospitalization which is something that most young working adults find themselves unable to afford on their basic salary. This is a very sad situation and in fact, it is a vicious cycle because this lifestyle that these young adults are leading often results in them not consuming healthy meals and not having enough of time to get enough of exercise which results in illness and obesity.
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