Some people may be of the opinion that students should be allowed the liberty of wearing what they feel like and show off their creativity rather than wearing the dull and mundane school dress. But this can give rise to groups of the school students based on their dressing sense; it would inevitably cause distractions and they would be preoccupied with discussing and thinking about the new dress rather than concentrating on what is being taught in the class. Not only it causes a distraction among students, but also prevents the teacher from teaching effectively as some students may dress up scantily which can be disgraceful and unpleasant. But school dress teaches pupils to be respectful towards the institution they belong from, to refrain from taking any unworthy means and to put studies above fashion.

Teaching the students to prioritize

In a student’s life, nothing should surpass the importance of imbibing education as it will help them to be successful and sustain themselves in later life. This is what the school uniforms in Australia teach them. Since they will not be busy checking who is wearing the trendiest clothes in the class, their attention would be automatically shifted towards the lessons taught in class.

Creating a sense of togetherness

School dress prevents the feeling of superiority or inferiority among students and makes them equal among themselves. This helps them to respect their institution and prepare for the future prospects. Since uniform is a symbol of formality and discipline, they are taught that doing anything wrong knowingly would be an insult of the school as well as themselves and thus, they must refrain from doing such things.

Saving a lot of money

Buying new dresses for the daily purpose is definitely a heavy expense. The cost spent to purchase trendy clothes can be spent wisely for the educational requirements. Wearing repetitive clothes for a long time leads to gossips in the class and makes the student suffer from different forms of emotional crisis. The uniform is a part of a tradition which causes fewer distractions and most crucially promotes identification. It would also spare the parents from a huge expense and helps to enforce the dress code.

Besides instilling a sense of uniformity, school uniforms also save the students from the hassle of dressing up early morning. They know that they will have to wear the same dress every morning, regardless of how dull it may appear. But in case they were to choose a dress each morning, many of them would have missed schools. So school dress should be there as it has been around for many years, and these days uniforms are also used in Universities and workplaces, for the above-mentioned reasons.