Lopping Is Better Than Cutting

Now a days world is so developed and people mostly prefer their benefits before anything else this is something people should understand that sometimes benefits are short term and they are not for longer time period so doing things on the basis of short term benefits is not worthy. Similarly when people remove or cut the trees for their business purposes or clear the space for industrial reasons that reduce the forests in the world and create environmental issues this is the short term strategy because if people planted more tree still it took time to grow whereas,  if  people do tree lopping than it will be much beneficial because shaping or cutting some branches and using it for their purposes might help the environment rather than cutting the whole tree, because once branches get lopped they will grow again more flourish, in fact lopping is the best way to make tree more thick and strong that will be good for the materials which people want to make through trees.

By thinking for the whole world in the end it will be beneficial for the people, there are so many trees through which we make medicines but due to cutting them once and for all its hard to make those medicines again for the people on the other hand if people didn’t cut them just chopped the branches and use for their goods that’s might be better for everyone, similarly  its harming the animal lifes as well we need animals to their skins people also use them for the goods making , but due to trees cutting animals dying there are so many species died due to this reason, because we all know this that animal don’t eat everything some animals do eat different plants and tree which is very essential for them but due to tree lopping Mount Gravatt this is harming not only the animals but to the humans as well but people are not considering it alarming, rather than cutting the trees and deforesting its better to lopped or cut some branches and use it addition to this when people start pruning or lopping the tree that will help the areas to handle the over grown trees because to pruning them people hire the service for it by doing this there will be so many issues will be resolved , this will be good for everyone for the longer time period. Because right now people are suffering badly with the global warming and other different issues that might be slow down or solve by the plantation, there are few people who take this alarm seriously mostly nobody is much interested in planting the trees so in that case it would rather better to lopping it than removing the trees, because sooner or later that will harm the whole world.