Many mothers look forward to the day their daughters would get married from the day they are born itself. Therefore when their daughters finally get engaged these mothers begin their quest to find that perfect outfit to wear for the wedding because unlike in the olden day’s mothers is no longer expected to wear matronly dresses in shades of beige. Instead, it is now possible for these mothers to be at stylish and as fashionable as they want however although this opens many doors for them one of the biggest drawbacks is that the number of options available to these ladies can overwhelm them. Therefore in order to ensure that these ladies find the perfect dress for the day where their daughters would say their ‘I Dos’ to their significant other we have compiled some much-needed style tips for these ladies in the following article.

Use the Bride as Guide

Before one even begins to shop for this dress they first have to ask their daughters what sort of wedding they wish to have because it would not be a good idea look for plus size womens clothing for a casual backyard wedding. Thus, one should hold off on the shopping trips till the bride and groom select a tone for the wedding whether it is a black tie affair, a country wedding or even a casual backyard wedding.

Use the Wedding Colors

It is traditionally expected for the mother to complement the colours of the wedding. Therefore before they begin shopping for mother of the bride dresses they should wait till their daughter selects the colour theme for the wedding or even until she decides on the colours that the bridesmaids should wear because the mother can they use this colour as a guide to picking a dress for herself.

Use the Venue as a Guide

One should also take into account the venue of the ceremony and the reception when picking a dress because it would not be a good idea to wear a long-sleeved gown for a tropical wedding where the weather would be warm and neither would it be a good idea to wear a strapless or a backless dress for a church wedding. Thus, when selecting the gowns the mother should also take into consideration these factors.

We understand that this is one of the most significant days of your life, therefore, one should strive to use the aforementioned article as a style guide in order to assist them during this process.